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Learn something new today (11)Did you know trees never really stop growing? That in fact they actually grow faster as they become older. Not only that but they take in more carbon dioxide, the bad gas we breathe out, and replace it with even more oxygen molecules. This is something I never knew about trees. My daughter is doing a school project for earth day and she shared these lesser-known facts with us at dinner last night.  She kept asking me these questions about trees that I could not answer. That was the first time in a long time that I felt dumb. Nevertheless, as she says trees are majestic things.

Next week I have a standing appoint with my tree service company, Wichita Falls Tree Service. Every month they come out to my properties and take care of my trees and shrubbery. They really are the best. I have been doing business with them for about seven years now. It is funny because I just stumbled across them by accident. I was doing an interested search on the actual Wichita Falls and its native trees when I discovered them at In addition, we have been doing business ever since.

I think I am going to ask a few of the people if they do not mind talking to my daughter about trees and answering her questions. If anyone is to know about trees its him or her. In the meantime, I going to google like no one’s business. In case she comes with any more questions, I can something more to say then, “I don’t know, honey”.

When they Wichita Falls Tree Service came they were more than happy to answer my little girl questions. In addition, even gave her a few ideas for her project that she had yet to think of. Overall I say that was one happy little girl. I am even happier; they gave her so much infarction that she has stopped pelting me with questions.

After my little google day I had learned quite a few things about trees myself. Although I am sure, I leaned a few of these things before in elementary school, but who remembers stuff from way back then.

One extremely interesting tidbit is the rings of its branches or trunk date trees when it is sliced. Although this is not the most accurate of doing so, it still gives a pretty close rough estimate of a trees age. Some trees can live hundreds of years. That when there are wildfires in the forest, we humans have learned to allow the fire to burn. This is actual a necessary part of the ecosystem and encouraging growth and improvement. This really did surprise me; we are so use to associating fire with destruction that it never occurred to me that there is a positive aspect of something catching fire.

Along with my daughter taught me and my google search, I feel like I am a tree expert. Ok, maybe not an expert but I am an interested party. Its goes to show you that you are never too old to learn something new even if its form the mouth of a babe.


Live Life One Moment at a Time


Sometimes the small things make life worth living. You know those little things that come around un-expectantly and surprises you. It could come from the most mundane activity.

Like to today, after I woke and went on a walk around the neighbor. By the time, I return my cleaning lady had already come and gone. My house looked and smelled terrific. I think I might give her a raise. Anyway, I showered and was dressed then left out to go grocery shopping.

As I drive to the grocery store and I am stop at the light. As I wait for the light to change and traffic to move I witness a young boy, about ten or eleven definitely no older than twelve, he was standing waiting to cross the street. Listening to an IPod or something, I do not know, he had headphones in his ears. Then an elderly woman with a bag or some sort walked up and was waiting to cross as well. The young says something to her and she smiles hanging the boy, and get this, he helps her across the street. I have never seen that before. Probably never, will again. I was so touch by that act of kindness without even realizing it my eyes started running with tears. I was brought back to reality by the honking from the cars behind me.

As I continue my drive, I am forced to pull over. Flat tire. While changing it I heard some music, it sounded like calypso. I left my car where it was and walked towards the music.

It was amazing a new restaurant and market was just opening up. I was their first customer to walk through the door. They were having their grand opening, how amazing is this; everything I had on my grocery list was on sale. Not only have I found a new spot for Cuban food and a great grocery store. Best grocery shopping ever. Free food, live music, and even better prices. I even won a hundred and fifty dollar gift certificate! I never, I mean never, ever win anything. How great is that? All because I followed the music.

After I finished my shopping and hanging out with the store owners, I grab my things and gift certificate, and headed out to my car.

It was still early in the evening. I made my way out to my parents’ house. I have not been there in like a week, my mom and dad will be excited to see me.

As I pull up into my parent’s driver, way I smell amazing. Once again, I hear music. I make my way to the backyard. My parents were barbequing, with a few of my siblings and nephews and nieces. Wow, it look like I picked the perfect time to come over. My family was overjoyed to see me. My mom just so happen to be making all of my favorites. Barbeque chicken wings, with her homemade sauce, Greek pasta salad, potato salad, grilled corn, with watermelon and a banana pudding cake. I am salivating just recollecting that day.

The little things make life worth living. It is the going left when you should have went right. That day was not anything spectacular but it was one of the best days of my life. Pure happenstance, the entire day. Take it a moment at a time.



Growing my Real Estate Business One Fixer Upper at a Time

th00ZPQ1B7I’m feeling a little proud of myself. Last week I was able to close on my fifth rental property.  In a month!  I am so happy!  I can hardly contain my excitement that I just want to scream to the mountaintops! I hope that it will be a lovely three family flat.  I got it for the bargained basement price of $9745.43.  Cash.  Courtesy of Wayne county land auction.  Completely remodel and energy efficient. Although I am a little apprehensive about the whole thing. I have only seen pictures of the property. Normally when I bid on a property, usually one of my friends or family member will go view the physical property before I bid. However, this time everyone seem to be busy with something or another. Therefore, I went solely on my gut and faith. Today I have to sign some paperwork then pick up the keys to the multifamily flat.

I just complete the finally paper work, I have my deed in hand, and keys in my pocket. Next stop I have to go to the treasury office and have the deed field and register. Then go to the water department and pick up an up to date water meter. I was told that the house has been empty for some time and the meter in there is no longer in use and since the property still has the old ones, if I go down to their offices I can schedule a time for them to come and install the newer meters.   I pretty sure, it will be the same scenario when I talk to the utility company. Well, at least its mines, all mines, paid for in cash. That is something to be grateful about.

I just finished up with the water department and while I was waiting to be seen, I schedule an appointment for the utility company to come out on the day after tomorrow. They will install new meters for the gas and electricity. I feel so productive right now. As if not a minute went by that was not wasted. Next on my list is to visit the actual property.

You know what? The house is not very bad. Even the neighborhood it is in is very cute and quaint.   Everyone seems to know each other and are on friendly terms. The house itself just needs little cosmetic upgrades. Such as fresh coat of paint, some cleaning and dusting, hardwood floors refinished, and lawn and tree care. Then she will be as good as new. Whew, I am so grateful that it is not worse than its listing. I know a few people that has been burnt by buying homes from auction. Thus far, I have been lucky.

My brothers and I can paint; my cousin, Chance, is great with floors, as far as the trees are concern I already know who I will call. Whenever one of my properties or my home has some type of tree issue there, only one place I trust to be fair, honest, clean and dependable. That loved, cared for, and nurture many a tree back to pristine help. None other than Savannah Trees. They are great! I encourage anyone dealing with some type of tree issue to visit They are amazing.

Now that I know what needs to be done and who is doing I can get started. I already have tenants for the spaces. I hope that we finished on time and I can start recuperating my money that I put into it. I can barely believe this is my fifth house! Watch out Donald Trump, here I come!

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Be Informed

th (5)A tree is a precious thing. More so than many give them credit for, aiding in controlling the climate, clarifying the air we breathe, and just being pretty to look at. A tree is truly a beneficial and majestic part of nature. Those that live in a urban area knows perhaps more than anyone how valuable and great having trees around, mostly because they lack the number of trees in the rural areas. However all the greatness all trees have for the urban environment they can pose many great problems. Sometimes they are seen more of a hazard then a benefit. When deciding to fell a tree or perhaps trees both sides of the coin must be consider. More so in urban living spaces than anywhere else in the country.


A few hazards many cities must deal with when having trees are as follows. Sometimes trees especially those align along the street can grow and cause damages to powerlines. Alternatively, the roots grow so deep and blanket out so much that it interfere with gas and water lines located underground. Many times the tree pose a legal issue. How so one might ask. Well if a tree is somewhere where it can cause damage to others properties, if it located in such a place that it causes harm. Such as growing where it can block a motorist visibility of other motorist on the street or highway. Leading to many accidents and fender benders. Another problem many city must contend with is trees developing diseases and infection. Many times a city will just approve or decide to cut the tree down then trying another method. For the simple reason that it is more cost friendly. Those areas that may be strapped for cash felling a tree may be the only option they can afford. Therefore, tree removal is there only viable option.


According to some studies, those people living with trees around their neighborhood have benefited greatly health wise. Many of people have been shown to feel at least seven years younger, affecting to a more positive mental health, and even reducing asthma and other respiratory ailments.   All attributed it to simply living in an area that has trees. Either along the street or in the yard somewhere. The presence of trees on or near a property does a direct affect to the property value. It can improve its resell value by eighteen percent as oppose to the same type of structure without any trees. Importantly without trees, we would not find it quite difficult to breathe. For they are nature’s air filters. Through the process of photosynthesis, they take in the carbon dioxide we breathe out and turning it into the oxygen that we all need. There are many, many benefits of having trees in any environment.


It is very easy to understand both sides of the issues. One could not fault a cash stepped city from getting rid of the problem (trees) instead of subjecting the recurring of maintaining trees.   A city even one that much money can implore for tree maintenance without many options. The only way to now this is to consult the expertise and knowledge of a tree service business. They may have options and programs set up that may not have occurred to anyone. After reviewing just a few of the known benefits of having trees around it seems like it is worth the conversation. Then city officials will be more informed of what is available. If tree removal is the best route then your city can rest assured that their best interest was taken into consideration.


Does your tree hang low?



We remember the great fun we had as kids swinging from low branches on a tree. Or using those branches to climb as high as our little heart could muster, so as we do not look down and see the ground. In our little minds, it look like thousands of feet below. How many of us have shared that first kiss protected by the branches of a flush tree or maybe ran under one as protections from the onslaught of rain? Those low branching limbs were not place on the tree for our benefit and enjoyment. Although we are well rewarded by such branches. No, those low branches serve a great importance to the tree as well. We must remember this the next time we decide to clip a few branches for aesthetic purposes.


A tree is meant to be flexible and stoic as we view them. All parts of a tree are able to bend and flex under conditions of stress and growth. The top of the tree, the crown, is the first part of it to feel the stress of wind blowing it all over. This movement places stress on the entire tree. A tree with its natural structure is optimal for withstanding such stresses. By the tree absorbing and regaling any outside stress over its entire structure from the crown to the low limbs it reduces the risk of the tree uprooting or its limbs and branches breaking off. When any limb in particular the lower ones are removed it reduces the amount of surface area to absorb any shocks or pressure that may afflict the tree. Causing long term failure and greatly reduces the life span.


When trimming or cutting the lower limbs of the tree, use the same measurement as the professional tree service, such as Huntsville Tree Service in Huntsville, AL and do not trim any more than a third of the tree’s overall height. If you have a sixty foot, tree and you want to cut the lower limbs back, for whatever reason. Then do not exceed more than twenty feet from the ground. A tree is already equipped and created in such a way that it will adapt and change over time. This is the reason that trees can last hundreds of years on this earth. When we alter its structure, it changes its natural form, which changes how it will adapt over time. Although it would best ideal to leave the tree alone and let nature do its purpose but we do not always have that option. Therefore if you must then cut like the pros and stick to the third rule.


Really, something like, tree trimming and any amateur should not attempt cutting back branches. By over trimming the structural integrity of the tree can be alter in a way that it will never recover. Causing poor water irrigation and saturation. Not to mention weakening the tree making it more sum coming to disease and damage. Leaving the homeowner with an increase water bill, trying to compensate for the water that not being properly disperse if its limbs and branches had been left as God made them. When in doubt call a professional.