th (5)A tree is a precious thing. More so than many give them credit for, aiding in controlling the climate, clarifying the air we breathe, and just being pretty to look at. A tree is truly a beneficial and majestic part of nature. Those that live in a urban area knows perhaps more than anyone how valuable and great having trees around, mostly because they lack the number of trees in the rural areas. However all the greatness all trees have for the urban environment they can pose many great problems. Sometimes they are seen more of a hazard then a benefit. When deciding to fell a tree or perhaps trees both sides of the coin must be consider. More so in urban living spaces than anywhere else in the country.


A few hazards many cities must deal with when having trees are as follows. Sometimes trees especially those align along the street can grow and cause damages to powerlines. Alternatively, the roots grow so deep and blanket out so much that it interfere with gas and water lines located underground. Many times the tree pose a legal issue. How so one might ask. Well if a tree is somewhere where it can cause damage to others properties, if it located in such a place that it causes harm. Such as growing where it can block a motorist visibility of other motorist on the street or highway. Leading to many accidents and fender benders. Another problem many city must contend with is trees developing diseases and infection. Many times a city will just approve or decide to cut the tree down then trying another method. For the simple reason that it is more cost friendly. Those areas that may be strapped for cash felling a tree may be the only option they can afford. Therefore, tree removal is there only viable option.


According to some studies, those people living with trees around their neighborhood have benefited greatly health wise. Many of people have been shown to feel at least seven years younger, affecting to a more positive mental health, and even reducing asthma and other respiratory ailments.   All attributed it to simply living in an area that has trees. Either along the street or in the yard somewhere. The presence of trees on or near a property does a direct affect to the property value. It can improve its resell value by eighteen percent as oppose to the same type of structure without any trees. Importantly without trees, we would not find it quite difficult to breathe. For they are nature’s air filters. Through the process of photosynthesis, they take in the carbon dioxide we breathe out and turning it into the oxygen that we all need. There are many, many benefits of having trees in any environment.


It is very easy to understand both sides of the issues. One could not fault a cash stepped city from getting rid of the problem (trees) instead of subjecting the recurring of maintaining trees.   A city even one that much money can implore for tree maintenance without many options. The only way to now this is to consult the expertise and knowledge of a tree service business. They may have options and programs set up that may not have occurred to anyone. After reviewing just a few of the known benefits of having trees around it seems like it is worth the conversation. Then city officials will be more informed of what is available. If tree removal is the best route then your city can rest assured that their best interest was taken into consideration.

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