th00ZPQ1B7I’m feeling a little proud of myself. Last week I was able to close on my fifth rental property.  In a month!  I am so happy!  I can hardly contain my excitement that I just want to scream to the mountaintops! I hope that it will be a lovely three family flat.  I got it for the bargained basement price of $9745.43.  Cash.  Courtesy of Wayne county land auction.  Completely remodel and energy efficient. Although I am a little apprehensive about the whole thing. I have only seen pictures of the property. Normally when I bid on a property, usually one of my friends or family member will go view the physical property before I bid. However, this time everyone seem to be busy with something or another. Therefore, I went solely on my gut and faith. Today I have to sign some paperwork then pick up the keys to the multifamily flat.

I just complete the finally paper work, I have my deed in hand, and keys in my pocket. Next stop I have to go to the treasury office and have the deed field and register. Then go to the water department and pick up an up to date water meter. I was told that the house has been empty for some time and the meter in there is no longer in use and since the property still has the old ones, if I go down to their offices I can schedule a time for them to come and install the newer meters.   I pretty sure, it will be the same scenario when I talk to the utility company. Well, at least its mines, all mines, paid for in cash. That is something to be grateful about.

I just finished up with the water department and while I was waiting to be seen, I schedule an appointment for the utility company to come out on the day after tomorrow. They will install new meters for the gas and electricity. I feel so productive right now. As if not a minute went by that was not wasted. Next on my list is to visit the actual property.

You know what? The house is not very bad. Even the neighborhood it is in is very cute and quaint.   Everyone seems to know each other and are on friendly terms. The house itself just needs little cosmetic upgrades. Such as fresh coat of paint, some cleaning and dusting, hardwood floors refinished, and lawn and tree care. Then she will be as good as new. Whew, I am so grateful that it is not worse than its listing. I know a few people that has been burnt by buying homes from auction. Thus far, I have been lucky.

My brothers and I can paint; my cousin, Chance, is great with floors, as far as the trees are concern I already know who I will call. Whenever one of my properties or my home has some type of tree issue there, only one place I trust to be fair, honest, clean and dependable. That loved, cared for, and nurture many a tree back to pristine help. None other than Savannah Trees. They are great! I encourage anyone dealing with some type of tree issue to visit They are amazing.

Now that I know what needs to be done and who is doing I can get started. I already have tenants for the spaces. I hope that we finished on time and I can start recuperating my money that I put into it. I can barely believe this is my fifth house! Watch out Donald Trump, here I come!

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