We remember the great fun we had as kids swinging from low branches on a tree. Or using those branches to climb as high as our little heart could muster, so as we do not look down and see the ground. In our little minds, it look like thousands of feet below. How many of us have shared that first kiss protected by the branches of a flush tree or maybe ran under one as protections from the onslaught of rain? Those low branching limbs were not place on the tree for our benefit and enjoyment. Although we are well rewarded by such branches. No, those low branches serve a great importance to the tree as well. We must remember this the next time we decide to clip a few branches for aesthetic purposes.


A tree is meant to be flexible and stoic as we view them. All parts of a tree are able to bend and flex under conditions of stress and growth. The top of the tree, the crown, is the first part of it to feel the stress of wind blowing it all over. This movement places stress on the entire tree. A tree with its natural structure is optimal for withstanding such stresses. By the tree absorbing and regaling any outside stress over its entire structure from the crown to the low limbs it reduces the risk of the tree uprooting or its limbs and branches breaking off. When any limb in particular the lower ones are removed it reduces the amount of surface area to absorb any shocks or pressure that may afflict the tree. Causing long term failure and greatly reduces the life span.


When trimming or cutting the lower limbs of the tree, use the same measurement as the professional tree service, such as Huntsville Tree Service in Huntsville, AL and do not trim any more than a third of the tree’s overall height. If you have a sixty foot, tree and you want to cut the lower limbs back, for whatever reason. Then do not exceed more than twenty feet from the ground. A tree is already equipped and created in such a way that it will adapt and change over time. This is the reason that trees can last hundreds of years on this earth. When we alter its structure, it changes its natural form, which changes how it will adapt over time. Although it would best ideal to leave the tree alone and let nature do its purpose but we do not always have that option. Therefore if you must then cut like the pros and stick to the third rule.


Really, something like, tree trimming and any amateur should not attempt cutting back branches. By over trimming the structural integrity of the tree can be alter in a way that it will never recover. Causing poor water irrigation and saturation. Not to mention weakening the tree making it more sum coming to disease and damage. Leaving the homeowner with an increase water bill, trying to compensate for the water that not being properly disperse if its limbs and branches had been left as God made them. When in doubt call a professional.

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