(11)Did you know trees never really stop growing? That in fact they actually grow faster as they become older. Not only that but they take in more carbon dioxide, the bad gas we breathe out, and replace it with even more oxygen molecules. This is something I never knew about trees. My daughter is doing a school project for earth day and she shared these lesser-known facts with us at dinner last night.  She kept asking me these questions about trees that I could not answer. That was the first time in a long time that I felt dumb. Nevertheless, as she says trees are majestic things.

Next week I have a standing appoint with my tree service company, Wichita Falls Tree Service. Every month they come out to my properties and take care of my trees and shrubbery. They really are the best. I have been doing business with them for about seven years now. It is funny because I just stumbled across them by accident. I was doing an interested search on the actual Wichita Falls and its native trees when I discovered them at In addition, we have been doing business ever since.

I think I am going to ask a few of the people if they do not mind talking to my daughter about trees and answering her questions. If anyone is to know about trees its him or her. In the meantime, I going to google like no one’s business. In case she comes with any more questions, I can something more to say then, “I don’t know, honey”.

When they Wichita Falls Tree Service came they were more than happy to answer my little girl questions. In addition, even gave her a few ideas for her project that she had yet to think of. Overall I say that was one happy little girl. I am even happier; they gave her so much infarction that she has stopped pelting me with questions.

After my little google day I had learned quite a few things about trees myself. Although I am sure, I leaned a few of these things before in elementary school, but who remembers stuff from way back then.

One extremely interesting tidbit is the rings of its branches or trunk date trees when it is sliced. Although this is not the most accurate of doing so, it still gives a pretty close rough estimate of a trees age. Some trees can live hundreds of years. That when there are wildfires in the forest, we humans have learned to allow the fire to burn. This is actual a necessary part of the ecosystem and encouraging growth and improvement. This really did surprise me; we are so use to associating fire with destruction that it never occurred to me that there is a positive aspect of something catching fire.

Along with my daughter taught me and my google search, I feel like I am a tree expert. Ok, maybe not an expert but I am an interested party. Its goes to show you that you are never too old to learn something new even if its form the mouth of a babe.

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