Hello there, my name is Stacey Howard and I am the owner and sole proprietor of the Notebook Shopper.  I am a very busy man with my hands in many different cookie jars.  Right not know I am developing a app for valet services, I have to service rendering websites, and I own a hair salon and two barber shops.

I enjoy long deep tissue massages.  I mean who doesn’t like a great massage?  I also raise and breed Bengal Cats.  My hopes and dreams are to run a city marathon, compete in a hot dog and pie eating contest (childhood fantasies), and sky dive with my best friend, Dieter.  Dieter has been sky diving at least a dozen times and each time he goes he invites to go along with him.  Each time I make up some excuse as to why I can’t go when in fact I am scared to death to do it.  I think he suspects this but is too polite to call me out on it.   Thank God.  Anyway that is my bucket list.  I realize its not very long but I am only twenty six years old.  Hopefully I have a bit of time to fill it out.

I am from a i12032011_10100934705838890_4344852265039392203_nmmigrant hardworking class of people.  My father came to this country with seven dollars and thirteen cents in his pocket, a wife, and two infants.  My two identical twin older sisters.   After three years he and my mother was running a bakery out of the storefront they rented.  As a matter they slept at the store in the back storage room until my father could afford to move.  Ten years later and six more children my father grew to own four bakeries and a fleet of hot dog carts.  Its in my blood to create, renovate, and grow new business.  Like my father I have been very successful at what I do.  Someday I hope to pass what I have learned and what I do to my own children as my dad did with me and my siblings.

I think I forgot to mention that I love to talk.  My mother says it comes from her said of the family.  The great gift of gab.  I mention to segue to my invitation to contact me.  Anytime day or night.  I only sleep about three to six hours each night.  Making me completely available to you and your messages, comments, questions, concerns, or what have you.  If you found a cat video on YouTube, go ahead and share it with me!  If you need or want a personal, one on one interaction then click here to go to my contact page!

“Success seems to be connected with action.  Successful people keep moving.  They make mistakes, but they don’t quit.”   -Conrad Hilton

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