Sometimes the small things make life worth living. You know those little things that come around un-expectantly and surprises you. It could come from the most mundane activity.

Like to today, after I woke and went on a walk around the neighbor. By the time, I return my cleaning lady had already come and gone. My house looked and smelled terrific. I think I might give her a raise. Anyway, I showered and was dressed then left out to go grocery shopping.

As I drive to the grocery store and I am stop at the light. As I wait for the light to change and traffic to move I witness a young boy, about ten or eleven definitely no older than twelve, he was standing waiting to cross the street. Listening to an IPod or something, I do not know, he had headphones in his ears. Then an elderly woman with a bag or some sort walked up and was waiting to cross as well. The young says something to her and she smiles hanging the boy, and get this, he helps her across the street. I have never seen that before. Probably never, will again. I was so touch by that act of kindness without even realizing it my eyes started running with tears. I was brought back to reality by the honking from the cars behind me.

As I continue my drive, I am forced to pull over. Flat tire. While changing it I heard some music, it sounded like calypso. I left my car where it was and walked towards the music.

It was amazing a new restaurant and market was just opening up. I was their first customer to walk through the door. They were having their grand opening, how amazing is this; everything I had on my grocery list was on sale. Not only have I found a new spot for Cuban food and a great grocery store. Best grocery shopping ever. Free food, live music, and even better prices. I even won a hundred and fifty dollar gift certificate! I never, I mean never, ever win anything. How great is that? All because I followed the music.

After I finished my shopping and hanging out with the store owners, I grab my things and gift certificate, and headed out to my car.

It was still early in the evening. I made my way out to my parents’ house. I have not been there in like a week, my mom and dad will be excited to see me.

As I pull up into my parent’s driver, way I smell amazing. Once again, I hear music. I make my way to the backyard. My parents were barbequing, with a few of my siblings and nephews and nieces. Wow, it look like I picked the perfect time to come over. My family was overjoyed to see me. My mom just so happen to be making all of my favorites. Barbeque chicken wings, with her homemade sauce, Greek pasta salad, potato salad, grilled corn, with watermelon and a banana pudding cake. I am salivating just recollecting that day.

The little things make life worth living. It is the going left when you should have went right. That day was not anything spectacular but it was one of the best days of my life. Pure happenstance, the entire day. Take it a moment at a time.


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